Natural or Reconstituted?

Choosing the rite limestone product for your setting.

When selecting what product is rite for your setting, we always recommend for a older style home earlier than 1980’s, Natural limestone is always the best option. Natural limestone comes in a 1st class or 2nd class rating. The 2nd class rating is traditionally what would have been used as a footing block for the traditional style homes. This style block has a rounded edge and more rustic style finish. 1st class natural blocks have a similar edge and structure to the reconstituted blocks, however the finish is more rustic and air-rated due to it not being compacted like the reconstituted blocks. The colour is also of a lighter yellow that the reconstituted blocks.

Natural Limestone 1000x350x350 (1st class)


Reconstituted limestone products will go well with any style modern home, they have a more uniform appearance and can come in a beveled edge for more depth to the wall joints or a flat finish edge for uniform finish. Reconstituted blocks can also be provided as a rammed earth finish which is more suited to the in land properties. Due to its red pea gravel nature, the blocks blend into a natural bushland surrounding better than the cream coloured blocks.

Reconstituted limestone 500x240x350 (beveled edge)

beveled edge limestone blocks