Retaining Walls

Exceptional stone walls build by quality stonemasons

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Limestone block retaining

Limestone blocks can be used as a structurally engineered retaining system designed to with hold extreme amounts of soil loading as well as geological shift and thermal expansion. Limestone walls are at the top of the field when it comes to retaining, both for structural integrity and visual appeal.

Limestone block types 

  • Natural Limestone
  • Reconstituted Limestone
  • Rammed Red Earth Blocks

Limestone Finishes

  • Beveled Edge
  • Flat Edge

Twinside retaining

Twinside panel and post retaining is the optimum retaining solution for jobs with narrow access or where excavation is not possible. Twinside works as cantilever system, where the pressure of the soil load of the retained section of the wall, must be of equal load underground. With new innovations of this product regularly occurring, there are now many more textures and colours available for selection. Steel posts can be incorporated into the wall as substitute for the traditional Twinside post to create a more unique look. Infill panels can be supplied as a timber sleeper look, Limestone block look and a Slate stone look panel. Colours can be provided as Cream or Charcoal finish.


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