Stairwells and Piers

Exceptional stone work build by quality stonemasons

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Limestone Piers 

Limestone piers add a great feature to any wall or boundary. They break up the visual density of the fence line and create sections within the wall as well as providing additional structural strength to any fencing or block screening that may be installed within the piers. Piers can be installed as free standing piers or can be installed on top of an existing or new limestone wall. Sandstone pier caps can be used to create a visual change to the otherwise uniform shape of a pier, options for pier cap styles are a traditional dome top cap or a modern pyramid style pier cap.

Limestone Stairs 

Limestone stairs can provide for a strong and appealing stairwell that will last for years to come with little to no maintenance required. Stairs can be constructed to suit any design or layout. Curved treads and tapered stairwells can be designed to create a feature out of an otherwise practical structure, as well as the use of lighting can be incorporated into the stairwell to really enhance its visual effect during the night. We offer a large selection of stair tread capping that can be incorporated into the stairs, such as Sandstone bullnose capping, Limestone Paver capping and traditional recycled red brick capping.


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